Apple Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Apple Events?

Oct 14, 2020 11:03 AM 5 min play

Since 2005, Apple's media events have been some of the most looked-forward-to affairs of the tech calendar.

It is during these events that Apple announces new products, services, redesigns and upgrades through press conferences. They generate immense buzz and traction, thanks to the tech giant's considerable clout.

And they are the topic of this week's Quiz Knock! (Well, Apple events + a sprinkle of general trivia for the Apple aficionado in you.)

Perfect timing too, since the latest Apple special event happened only yesterday!

Without much further adieu, here's what awaits you:

  1. The latest Apple event 2020 took place on October 13th 2020. Where was it held?
  2. Speaking of the latest Apple event... What was its tagline?
  3. In which year did Apple launch its "Lisa" line of computers? (The line was such a failure, it is rumoured that around 2,700 of those devices are buried in a landfill in Utah!)
  4. At Apple's "Fun Products" Day on February 28th 2006, Steve Jobs announced an amplified loudspeaker system that docks with the iPod. Name it.
  5. Here's a fairly simple one: Where are the Apple headquarters located?
  6. On December 12th 1980, Apple went public at $22 per share generating more capital than any US IPO since which company?
  7. On September 7th 2005, Apple announced the successor to iPod Mini. What was it called?
  8. Apple launched iPod Shuffle at Macworld Expo on January 11th 2005 with what tagline(s)?
  9. The one-minute featured black-and-white footage of "Think Different" ad released by Apple in 1997 includes 17 iconic 20th Century personalities. Who among the following was NOT one of them?
  10. Ronald Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple, left the company after how many days of association? (Had he stayed, his 10% share in the company would have been worth $60bn today!)


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