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What Changes Has Amazon Made to Manage the Pandemic?

Apr 25, 2020 1:28 PM 2 min read

Worldwide lockdowns in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic have seen people resort to often mindless hoarding and loading their shopping carts to the brim - both at offline stores and ecommerce platforms. 


Amazon, the ecommerce giant, has been at the centre of this madhouse and as expected has made some changes amidst the pandemic. 


It is struggling to meet the unprecedented surge in order volumes, further rendered powerless by fewer workers. As a result, counterintuitive to what an ecommerce platform would do, Amazon is now retooling its website to sell fewer items. What a nightmare it must be!


Amazon Warehouse


Last month, the ecommerce titan began removing fixtures of its site designed to lead customers to make additional purchases. It removed most of its popular recommendation widgets that show shoppers what other people with similar items in their basket also bought. 


In addition to this, Amazon has indefinitely pushed back its Prime Day - a move that could potentially cost the company a $100m hit from excess devices it may now have to sell at a discount, as per reports. 


Moreover, it has also scaled back coupons that encourage shoppers to fill their carts, shop more and spend more. Amazon has also stopped spending much of its advertising budget dedicated to Google’s search engine, which brings outside shoppers to Amazon’s site. 


The primary focus would remain delivery of “essential” items such as cleaning products, health-care items and shelf-stable food, as per a mandate by Amazon. 


While that might sound like a wise thing to do during the pandemic, it needs to be noted that some Amazon sellers rely on the ecommerce company for nearly all of their income. 


With multiple complaints about being deprioritised being voiced, Amazon needs to strike a delicate balance during these testing times.


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