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How Agriculture in India Went Right and Wrong Post-COVID with Aneesh Jain from Gram Unnati

Founder and CEO, Transfin.
Aug 31, 2020 6:18 AM 1 min read


Aneesh Jain runs an agricultural value chain services business which serves over 150,000 Indian farmers across six states.

With a front row seat to the impact of recent agriculture reforms announced by the Government...he's a credible sounding board to talk of the so-called rural revival narrative resonating in mainstream business media in the months after the coronavirus pandemic struck. Aneesh brings to light the complex undercurrents making agriculture in India what it is thus preferring a cautiously optimistic take. 

We talk of the Government's interventions to ensure food supply chain continuity during COVID, reforms in agriculture marketing in India, financial inclusion, pricing challenges, and the layered role played by APMC mandis.


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