How Do Solar Panels Help In Increasing The Value Of Your Home

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    Solar energy is amongst the most broadly used renewable sources of energy. After the initial costs of switching to a solar energy system, you can sit back and wait for the long-term advantages and savings to produce a significant return on investment. How much will solar panels add to the value of your home? Several studies show that solar-panel-equipped properties are valued and sold at higher prices than comparable homes lacking solar systems in a location. The installation of solar panels enhances the value of a home by 3 to 4% on average. According to a 2019 Zillow survey, properties with solar have a 4.1 per cent premium. The outcomes, however, will vary depending on the parameters listed below. Aside from enhancing property value, there are other advantages to running a solar-powered home.

    Factors That Impact The Number Of Solar Panels Employed To Improve Property Value

    The determining factors of how do solar panels enhance the value of your home are:

    • Your city and state
    • Electricity prices in your area
    • The magnitude of the installation and your residence
    • Your types of solar panel, age, and warranty


    The location of a residential place or home is the main component in determining how much worth will be added by installing solar panels. Because purchasers, appraisers, brokers, and lenders are more aware of the advantages of solar at the onset of the process, setups in active solar marketplaces such as California and New Jersey often offer greater returns than the setups in less developed regions.

    The Size Of The Installation

    The number of solar energy panels your rooftop can support is proportional to the rise in property value after installation. The quality and number of solar panels installed have a direct impact on the property value. Solar panels must have a production capacity proportional to the size of your home.

    Average Energy Usage And Profits

    Running a cost-benefit analysis is one of the basic techniques to assess house value increase. The cost of electricity where you reside will also affect the value of your solar system. Start by looking at your energy invoice and calculating the cost of the residential solar system size you’ll require based on the number of kilowatt-hours consumed. After knowing the actual electricity consumption, you can determine the number of solar energy panels required to light up your home. Then you can compare that to the local average selling value.

    Quality Of Solar Panel

    When it comes to determining value, the panels themselves have a role. Solar panels, generators, racking, and other equipment from different manufacturers may differ significantly in terms of technology, longevity, and warranty. It is crucial to do proper research when searching for the right solar technology items to get the maximum out of your long-term investment.

    Buyers Applaud Solar’s Added Value To The Property

    While buying a home, buyers take into account monthly electric expenditures. As a result, when evaluating the long-term monetary value, they’re more willing to pay a premium for a solar-ready home.

    As per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, adding solar panels is considered an improvement, similar to renovating a kitchen. Buyers are ready to pay a premium for the environmental and economic advantages of a solar home.

    With decreased electricity bills and tax advantages from solar installations, house owners can expect to recoup their initial investment along with making a significant profit.

    Why Is Solar Energy So Important?

    Installing rooftop solar panels for homes is a reasonably simple one-time effort that has a very meagre influence on your living area as to other massive house upgrades and sustainable living strategies. Researching for a suitable company and navigating the paperwork through the appropriate channels will take an essential part of your time and effort. After the complete installation, you will be covered by a warranty for the next 25 years. According to a 2015 poll, 61% of respondents thought that solar electricity or water heating systems would be ideal in a home they were considering buying.

    Advantages Of Having A Solar-Powered Home Apart From Increasing The Value Of The Property

    Saves The Environment

    Using renewable energy to power your house helps to safeguard the environment and minimises your carbon footprint. By utilising the sun’s energy to generate electricity, you reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Thus, reducing a negative influence on local air quality produced by dangerous greenhouse gases.

    Money Savings On Your Electric Bill

    Running on solar is practically free electric power for the rest of the panels’ lifespan once you’ve saved enough on your electricity bill to recover your upfront outlay. Utility costs have risen by around 2.9 percent each year on average over the last 15 years. The initial upfront amount could save you money on rising utility costs for a decade or two. There are also government, state, and municipal incentives available, which allows you to subtract 26% of the overall amount, making them all the more accessible to the average homeowner.


    As we know, solar panels require sunlight, and they will be significantly more productive during specific seasons. So, their rate of failure will stay very low till the time the sun is shining. As we enter a new decade, that rate will very certainly continue to fall as current solar panels progress in technology. Furthermore, your residential solar system will often be linked to the local electrical grid, giving you fast access to grid-supplied backup power when the sun isn’t shining.

    A solar power system makes perfect sense to many individuals as a green investment that rewards itself over time. Do solar panels contribute to the value of a home? Yes, in a nutshell. One of the numerous reasons to go solar is to increase the value of your property. As a homeowner, installing solar panels is among the safest and wisest long-term best investment options. If you’re still hesitant about embarking on a sustainable journey, these are all compelling reasons to take the plunge. If you have any queries, we have experts available to answer them. They will give you a free quote and an estimate of your savings potential.