The Importance of HR Policies in an Organization

    Jan 1, 1970 12:00 AM 2 min read

    HR policies provide a set structure and control to any company. Policies put forth the expectations of a company to the employees and also highlight their responsibilities. Policies provide a way of transparency and it should be easily be accessible to everyone.

    Lack of company policy is results in employees declaring their own rules and regulations and taking what they think is right. For example – Prohibition of alcohol is a policy and a lack of such policy might result in an employee turning up to office drunk and even operate heavy machinery. This could result in the employee losing a limb or even worse. Someone could download/view inappropriate content on a company machine. These behaviours generally affect not just the individual but also the company and other team members.

    HR policies and procedures are really helpful in situations where situations could arise which could be unforeseen such as employees leaving or terminated, misuse of company equipment or service, because with proper policies in place, everything can be taken care of in an orderly manner and according the respective policy.

    In any case, HR policies do not serve as a remedy for all the foreseeable circumstances that might arise in an organization. Companies should build their policies around situations that may arise and also around to not allow certain situations not to arise again, because letting the same incident repeat can show negligence on the part of the managers. Also, proper on boarding of employees is required where they are made aware of the policies and the company’s goals and their responsibility in achieving them.

    Generally, policies are made keeping the labour laws in mind. Although all policies must comply with the labour law, wherever possible, companies offer benefits than that offered by the law.

    Policies must never be role specific and must be applicable to all equally. All policies must also be transparent and must clearly indicate who it is particularly applicable to, and go on to discuss all terms and procedures to be followed. Policies must also identify the responsibilities of the employee and the employer.

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